Tired of maintaining that swimming pool? You're not alone.

Hundreds of people every year make the decision to get rid of their pool. We can make the process quick and painless. We handle everything from permits, to inspections, demolition, backfill, compaction, and final grade. Just sit back and watch your headaches disappear.

Removing your swimming pool is our specialty. All of our equipment is perfectly suited for this task. Our machines are equiped with rubber tracks, low noise emission mufflers, and vary in size. This allows us to get in and out with minimal disturbance to the ground (and neighbors) and complete the job in a timely manner. Dig and Demo makes your job a priority and typically finishes the job start to finish in 3-5 working days.

We have perfected our compaction process over the years working with geotechnical soils engineers to ensure that you will never have to worry about sinkage. We guarantee all of our work.


 The Process

Our Service for in ground pools is a complete package including:

We start with a telephone discussion and ballpark price.
Free inspection and evaluation

Free planning and estimating
Free written quote and explanation
Detailed contract with fixed prices
Fixed starting date

Notification to state and county department of Environmental Protection Permits and applications completed and submitted Fences and shrubs removed and either replaced or disposed of Utilities disconnected


Pool pumped out

Removal from site of all pool equipment: metal, wood and plastic All concrete broken to 8"x8 " or smaller pieces and placed in pool hole if allowed, or hauled away if required.

Rubble layer is covered with a geotextile filter fabric (if a partial removal)
Inspection by local building department
Pool hole filled with soil from one of our stockpiles (engineer present if required)

(No waste or soil from commercial sites)

Area compacted and rough graded
Graded to proper elevation
Sub soil raked again
Screened top soil applied at customer request
Graded and raked again

For a full description of the different options for your pool removal click here

Above ground pool removal

  • We meet with you to discuss and plan the removal of your pool.
  • All work done in compliance with Department of Environmental Protection regulations
  • We own all of our equipment, it is small, but powerful. Designed to work in backyards w ith out damage to other areas.
  • Our service for removal of above ground pools is much simpler:
    • We evaluate your job over the telephone
    • Site inspection if required
    • Free written quote with fixed work date
    • Pool pumped out
    • Removal of pool, deck and equipment
    • Filling of concave hole under pool, if required
    • Removal of sand under pool if required
    • Application of topsoil if required

Are you ready to get rid of your pool?

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