Thinking of Removing your swimming pool but don't know where to start?
Here is a list of the most commonly asked questions.

What is the cost to remove a swimming pool?

The cost to remove a swimming pool depends on several factors such as.

  1. Access: The more access to your pool the better the price due to equipment used for demolition.
  2. Size of Swimming Pool: Generally the larger your pool is the more costly it could be to remove.
  3. Type of Construction: Fiberglass, Liner, Gunnite, above ground, etc.
  4. City in which you reside: Permit costs and engineering requirements vary from city to city.
  5. Type of removal: Partial, full, collapse, or engineered are the typical types of pool removal.

Include this information in the Contact form and I can give you a general idea of price.

How long should the process take?

The pool removal and fill process only takes about 3 days but city inspections can delay this by a day or two. Most of our swimming pool demolition projects start on Monday and finish by Thursday.

What type of contractor can I hire to remove my pool?

There are usually 3 types of contractors that are legally allowed to remove swimming pools in California. We are licensed as Class A and C-21

Class A: General Engineering Contractor
C-21: Demolition Contractors
Class B: General Building Contractor

Should I expect the area where my pool is removed to sink over time?

No, If the compaction process is done right you should not experience any sinkage or expansion.

What type of equipment is used for swimming pool demolition?

Different contractors use different types of equipment. Because we specialize in swimming pool removal we use what we consider to be the best combination of equipment to get the job done fast and safe. This equipment consists of:

Excavators: equipped with rubber tracks for mimimal ground disturbance and are also equipped with specialized breaker attachments for breaking the bottom and side of the swimming pool.

Skidsteer Loaders (bobcats): Rubber tires or tracks, special dirt moving buckets, breaker attachments.

Padded Drum Rollers: Compact ride on machine appx. 4 feet wide specifically designed for soil compaction.

Other: Rebar cutters, Reciprocating Saw, Laser Levels and more

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