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What Equipment is Best for a Safe and Effective Swimming Pool Demolition?

Posted by Ryan Crownholm on Wed, Jun 26, 2013 @ 5:16 PM

OK, so you know that we remove LOTS of swimming pools by now. But do you know how we do it? With our many years of experience we have acquired a fleet of equipment that is designed with your swimming pool demolition in mind.

The Breaking:
breakerSwimming pools that are made out of concrete or gunnite are often 12" thick and reinforced with rebar. In order to safely and efficiently break this concrete we use and excavator with a Jack Hammer (breaker) attachment. An excavator is ideal because you can
place it in a stationary position and then spin the turret around as you work which places the operator at least 10 feet away from breaking. Some people will try to use a Skid Steer (Bobcat) with a breaker attachment. A warning to do it yourselfers and
inexperienced contractors
. This is very dangerous for the operator because the skid steer is not designed to work with a load over head while moving the machine and can cause it to tip over. Also, because the operator is working directly under the work he is in
danger of being hit by falling concrete or rebar. We do not advise using a skid steer for the demolition portion of the project.

Moving the concrete out and the dirt in:dirt
This is where the skid steer comes in. In order to safely move the concrete out of the swimming we send in a bobcat with a grapple attachment to "grab" the material and transport it to the trucks. In order to move the soil into the swimming pool cavity we use the
same skid steer but we switch the bucket out to a smooth bucket which allows us to evenly spread the material. Evenly spreading the material is very important because the compactor needs a perfectly level surface in order to achieve uniformity. This machine
also allows us to set the final grade to the customer specifications

The trucks:
trucksBecause our soils come from our own sources rather than unknown excavations delivered by other contractors we need a fleet of trucks to handle very large volumes. Our fleet consists of 10 wheel dump trucks and transfers. A transfer is like a 10 wheeler but has
a trailer that carries a second load of soil or up to 22 yards of soil. The average swimming pool requires 130 cubic yards of soil to fill and compact. With our fleet we can easily transport the needed soil in 1-2 days.

In order to compact soil to 90-95% density it is best to use what is called a padded drum roller or "sheep foot" roller. The machine has a large vibrating drum with "knobs" covering the drum. The purpose of these "knobs" are to essentially knead the soil much like
you would with bread dough to bind the dirt. In rare occasions where we do not have access we use what is called a plate compactor. The plate compactor can be used in much smaller lifts and still be effective to achieve proper density but can take much more
time and requires a great deal of experience.

describe the imageOther misc tools of the pros:
Grinder or cut-off saw to cut the rebar
Transit or Level to set your finish grade
Geotextile filter fabric to prevent soils migration
Storm water run-off protection such as silt sifting bags for EPA compliance
Pressure washer to clean up your property when we are all done.
describe the image
When it comes to a task as specialized as swimming pool removal it is important to use the proper equipment. The companies that truly "specialize" in swimming pool removal know how important each piece of equipment is to operations. Not only do these
pieces of equipment allow for a safe and proper job but also speed the job along so that we can give your yard back as soon as possible. Most of our projects are completed in 3-5 days.

Take a look here at our process in action!

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