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Creepy Abandoned Swimming Pools


Somehow with it being Halloween one of my friends brought up the subject of unused or abandoned pools being weird or creepy; this was a concept I had never thought about before.  So I decided to check it out and here is some stuff I found around the web. 

Creepiness Factor: Vampire Bugs

large Skeeter Eaters LAWH106

Swarms of Mosquitoes Rise from abandoned pools at foreclosed homes

“Aside from their annoying bites, mosquitoes carry West Nile virus and other diseases. With the number of foreclosures rising, it's becoming a more-important challenge to track down abandoned homes with pools from suburban Washington, D.C., to California.”

Mold & Mildew

Creepiness Factor: Sludge & Grime

creepy pool

Abandoned Pools

“Obsolete pools are odd architectural spaces. Freshly drained, a kind of expectancy still hovers around the gleaming cavern. Then the mold sets in. Over time the space becomes a botanical experiment gone horribly wrong, a repository for the discarded, or a bleached canvas for local taggers.”

creepypool3Colony Plaza Pool in Florida


Coffin Pool

Creepiness Factor:  What is not creepy about a pool shaped like a coffin?

coffin poolThe Distant Sound of Dripping Water

 “Here is a brief selection of shots from hotels, hospitals and jails. Don't forget your bathing suit.”

Decayed Pool


Creepiness Factor: Just look at the Pic

I have to say this is probably the creepiest picture I have seen so far.


Decayed School Pool in England


Pripyat Pool

Creepiness Factor:  Pool from the abandoned city built around Chernobyl.

pripyat poolPripyat Pool


So what do you think? 


Thanks for the pics! I find this stuff fascinating for some reason.
Posted @ Friday, April 27, 2012 2:57 PM by Liz
Good pics... Your blog is so informative and knowledgeable. It was helpful to me for reconstruct my swimming pool. I can plan to rebuild my pool.
Posted @ Tuesday, June 25, 2013 1:59 AM by Tucson pools
I love to come back on a regular basis,post more on the subject.
Posted @ Sunday, March 09, 2014 8:45 AM by www.idealscorp.com
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